13 Nov

How Web Design Can Set the Tone for Your Business

As a business in the modern age, you have a website. But what is the website saying about your business? Unfortunately, according to The Wall Street Journal, many professional websites are saying the wrong thing about the business itself. Too many websites say the business is not interested in presenting itself in the best light.

Simply being willing to invest in the bare minimum normally tells your clients that your business will do the same with everything you do. Worse, the site could scare people away if they do not feel your business is legitimate. Some designs can leave people confused as to what your business is about. This is why, when you set up a website, it should clearly define your business, offer user friendly navigation tools and offer a reason to return. This sets the tone for your business in a good way.

Clearly Define Your Business

The moment people land on your website, it should be readily evident what the site is about. If you have nothing on the landing page other than your business name, it can be confusing. Instead, you should have a little information about your company and pictures of your business and the products or services you offer. This will let people know what your business is all about and how they may want to proceed with buying from you. One way to see if your landing page does this effectively is to get someone to check it. After you have put together the landing page, have someone look at it and ask what he thinks the business is about. If your message came through, you have succeeded.

User Friendly Navigation Tools

In order to show more about your company, your products or services and your staff, you need navigation tools. These tools direct people to the different parts of your website. Some of the people visiting your site will not have a history with the site, and most will not have a history with your company. Navigation tools that are as easy to use as possible are a staple of good website design and ensures visitors will be willing to return. If the tools are not self-explanatory, people will become frustrated and be inclined to seek out one of your competitors instead of coming back. Again, turn to a friend to look at the website, and ask him to go to certain places within the site. If he cannot figure out how, you have some work to do.

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Offer a Reason to Return

No matter how many people you can direct to your site for the first time, you want people to return often. The more time people spend on your site, the more they think about your company and the more likely it is they will purchase from you. Make sure your visitors feel comfortable and happy about being on the site. Indicate that there are parts of the site that change regularly to offer more to visitors. This creates the sense that your website is dynamic and up-to-date, like your business.

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