About Me

I am Andi ‘Toon’ Creffield a Graphic & Digital Designer from Sheffield

In my career, I have previously been Head of Design for GB Eye, the UK’s leading licensed products company. I’ve also had the great pleasure of being Head of Design at GO Outdoors, the UK’s biggest outdoor retailer and Planet X the UK’s leading bike company. I’m currently the Head of Marketing at Peddler Market and Events, consistently recognised as one the best street food events in the UK.

I’ve been lucky to work with many companies all over the world and this is my portfolio showcasing some of my favorite pieces to date.


I take great pride in my approach to develop and produce clean, modern and functional design work.

Graphic Design

Complete Graphic Design solutions including Magazines, Catalogues, Business Stationery, Direct Mail and Advertising.


Complete Branding Solutions with over 25 years experience, from concept to completion.


Extensive knowledge of Marketing including advertising, planning & strategy.

Digital Design

Front-end web design, email design and web banners.


I love chatting to people so feel free to drop me a mail
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I’m currently not taking any freelance work on but please feel free to get in touch I may be able to put you in touch with another talented designer.

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