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08 Aug

Cheap Xanax Bars

Naragon & Naraine  are a building and bridge construction company from Canada, they needed a new logo after an acquisition made them change their company name, the mark is a combination of the initials of the two owners Naragon & Naraine but also forms an abstract shape of a bridge form and some buildings.

Construction Logo Design
31 Jul

Buy Ambien Prescription Online

I was approached to be the logo and graphic designer for a Paris based Wine Distributor who delivers French and Italian wines to European restaurants. The company have been selling quality premium wines to passionate people for 12 years, they wanted us to create an unforgettable brand that would reach European customers with strong purchasing power. The name Emovino stands […]

Emovino Logo Design – Wine Distributor, Paris Wine Bottle
31 Jul

Can You Buy Alprazolam In Mexico

We  were hired to be the logo designer for Divewest, a new surf and beachwear label based in Cornwall, UK. The logo was to be used on their shop signs, surfboards, body-boards, clothing range and web site, it was stated that the logo had to be quite modern and fresh but also quite earthy looking.

Divewest – Surf Board Logo Design
31 Jul

Buy Xanax 0.25 Mg

We recently completed a logo design for a new UK Bar and Bistro called Le-Lobster, it is the first of what will become part of a chain of up-market bars that will be built in many UK cities and towns. The client wanted a more traditional logo than most new bars but still kept very minimal […]

Le-Lobster Bistro, Liverpool – Menu Logo
08 Aug

Buy Xanax Hoodie

People often ask me if I went to University to become a Graphic Designer, when I say I didn’t, they say… Oh, then you’re self-taught? I never see myself as self-taught, ever. The industry has taught me, the high standards that other designers set teach me, people that have exhausted every design possibility before me […]

Self Taught Graphic Designer
04 Aug

Buy Xanax Safely Online

I was hired to do a logo design for Catalyst Construction, a construction company based in Berkshire, UK. There had to be an emphasis on attention to detail, standards, quality control and customer care throughout the brand. The client chose the colour blue and wanted an icon that would work on it’s own as well […]

Catalyst Construction Business Card Design