08 Aug

Self-Taught Graphic Designer

People often ask me if I went to University to become a Graphic Designer, thumb when I say I didn’t, healing they say…

Oh, then you’re self-taught?

I never see myself as self-taught, ever. The industry has taught me, the high standards that other designers set teach me, people that have exhausted every design possibility before me shape my thinking and teach me to drive forward and improve.

Self Taught Graphic Designer

Self-taught is an odd phrase and I know people only really mean not getting a degree but it still sounds quite odd. When I went into the industry as a teenager I knew buy sildenafil citrate online very little, I had very basic skills and it was the people around me that shaped my skills as a designer and other designers in the industry that made we want to and have to improve my design skills.

There’s many a discussion about whether it’s essential to have a degree to be a Graphic Designer today and at the time of publishing this article there was a poll that asked 27 designers if they had a degree and only 7 of them said they did.

This infographic from the Web Designer Depot explains the subject quite well:

Education for web designers

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