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July 18, 2008

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Logo design for a new job website

Hob Nob is a company based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, they are a young company that has taken it upon themselves to solve the problem of mismatched professionals—they help individuals determine and pursue their life callings. We were hired to design their new logo design for their site and company in 2007.

Job Website Logo Design

This was the brief…

Task: Design a brand identity for Hob Nob (company name) and HobNobJobs.com (website name). This will be used in print (business cards, letterhead, advertisements) and online (website and emails). The logo should work both with and without the tagline: Share Experiences. Inspire Changes. Dream Careers. TM

Vision Statement: Be a Beacon for Life-Changing Journeys TM
Brand Attributes: Some of the concepts we want our company to be associated with include

* Hope and Idealism
* Engaging; Catalyst
* Life-Changing Journey
* Community; Connections; Sharing wisdom/experiences
* Youthful Spirit—fresh eyes, impossible is possible, risk-taking
* Visionary
* Revolutionary; changing the world
* Dissatisfaction with status quo
* Innovative
* Freedom
* Passion

Other Notes: * We would like for the logo design to be BOLD, PROFESSIONAL, CLEAN, and ENGAGING, and not too terribly tech-y either, as it must appeal to non-technical people.

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  1. cheing Says:

    nice logo design

  2. TradeKing Says:

    Nice post, good work. I have recently started my own blog so its handy to pickup tips from what you have going here. Many Thanks.

  3. Marc Hirz Says:

    Where can I find your RSS feed please?

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